Resposibilities :

Responsible for creating TVC proposal and storyboard; Independently direct the whole process of production and post-production

Get involved in client meeting; adjust the project proposal according to the client’s request

Required Qulifacutiones :

A bachelor’s degree from an art background

Ability to creatively apply film techniques to commercial video production

Ability to independently create director’s proposal and storyboard; Familiarity with different camera equipment

Ability to use post-production software

Strong communication skills and teamwork spirit

Production Designer

Resposibilities :

Ability to put director’s proposal into reality with strong aesthetic taste and color arrangement

Strong understanding of camera movement and video production; Able to create storyboard independently

Required Qulifacutiones :

Strong passion for design

Solid background in production design with a rich portfolio

Proficiency in relevant software

A degree in film, production design or advertising

Sound Designer

Resposibilities :

Responsible for the sound mixing, composing, music selecting for TVC, promo videos and TV dramas

Required Qulifacutiones :

A degree in music, film or sound recording

1 yeaer experience in composing or sound mixing

Proficient in sound mixing software suck as Nuendo and Protools

Understand music composing from a professional standpoint

Senior Editor

Resposibilities :

Proficient with Final Cut Pro (AE preferred)

Able to complete editing independently

Comprehend the video production from a unique perspective

Strong communication skills

Required Qulifacutiones :

Proficiency in Final Cut Pro and Photoshop

Understand the procedure of post-production

Assistant Director

Resposibilities :

Get involved in project proposal

Assist the director during video production and post-production

1-2 years of relevant experience preferred

Required Qulifacutiones :

1-2 years of relevant industry experience preferred

Familiarity with the process of video production

Ability to create director’s proposal and storyboard

Proficiency in Premiere/Final Cut/AE


Resposibilities :

Get involved with the process of screenwriting

Collect and organize relevant information

Create proposals and pre-production screenwriting

On set for production

Required Qulifacutiones :

Strong execution and hard work

Agile response during communication; Ability to comprehend and execute timely

Passion for TV&film industry and a relevant degree in the field

Relevant experience in the industry

Account Executive

Resposibilities :

Take charge of client service from top down

Communicate with client throughout the production process execution

Communicate the client’s proposal with the production team and keep both sides on the same page


Resposibilities :

Familiar with the process of TVC production; capable of independently leading a project and manage the cost

Have rich resources and connections in the advertising industry; Strong teamwork spirit

Organize video production during pre-production, on set and post-production

Vibrant creativity and broad horizon

Required Qulifacutiones :

3+ years of similar work experience

Must have a rich portfolio

Familiarity with video production of TVC and promo videos; Decent aesthetic taste for film style, storyboard and music scores